Dr. sheikh Hamza Yusuf, President of  Zaytuna College, invited Dr. Iravani to participate in the 4th Seminar of the Catholic-Muslim Forum, an important inter religious initiative designed to enhance the understanding and relationship between today’s leading Catholic and Muslim scholars. The Forum, emerged from a joint gathering of Muslim and Christian scholars at the Vatican in 2008.
this year Zaytuna College will host the gathering from November 6-8 at their campus in Berkeley, California. The theme of this Forum is Integral Human Development: Growing in Dignity, Catholic and Muslim Perspectives. This includes three subthemes: What it means to be human; integral human development; and obstacles and opportunities to integral human development. Twelve participants from each faith group will engage in discussions, six observers from each group will be present, and the primary languages will be English and Arabic, with translators available throughout the Forum.
Based on the discussions at the Forum, a final declaration will be drafted by representatives from each group and approved by all participants. This Forum will be closed to the public, and media will be invited only to the opening and closing sessions.