Dr. Iravani has been invited to attend a forthcoming round table workshop, Perspectives on the Role of Religion in Diplomacy, Foreign Policy and International Affairs, on the 17-19 November 2017. This workshop will be hosted by SwedAlex, the Swedish Institute Alexandria in collaboration with Forward Thinking. 

The meeting will bring together high-level parliamentarians and political leaders, government officials and experts in the field from diverse perspectives from Europe, the Gulf, Middle East and North Africa (Gulf-MENA).  

This workshop aims to build on a report that was produced in March 2017 by the Helsinki Policy Forum and to which Dr. Iravani contributed, “Discussion Papers: Religious Literacy, Foreign Policy & Diplomacy” –  a copy of which that can be accessed on this website: http://www.forward-thinking.org/?post_documents=publication-helsinki-policy-forum-discussion-papers-religious-literacy-foreign-policy-diplomacy

It will be an opportunity to facilitate a discussion around religious literacy and diplomacy; to explore perspectives on the accommodation of religious and non-religious worldviews in society; and aims to raise awareness and increase understanding of these issues in order to inform policy-making.