Our Mission

Founded in 2010, the Center for the Study of Islam and the Middle East (CSIME) is a Washington-based nonpartisan, nonprofit organization committed to interfaith dialogue and the study of Islam and the Middle East. CSIME has emerged as a leader in pursuing these endeavors through systematic research, deliberation, dialogue, and exposition.

Through our dedication to exceptional and objective research and analysis along with sophisticated analytical tools, CSIME engages the West, the Middle East and Islamic World to combine knowledge, insight, information, options and solutions that will be simultaneously effective and enduring. CSIME’s purpose is to serve leaders and the public through merit research and education so that misunderstandings and misconceptions are minimized between the West, the Middle East and the Islamic world.

Our diverse and progressive staff works to empower people to expand the boundaries of  knowledge, analysis and sound decision making to spur action, innovation and ambition in support of sustainable and desired outcomes.

In addition to CSIME’s headquarters in Washington, D.C. it also has a West coast field presence in Sacramento, California.

How We Work

Through diligent and informed deliberation with leaders, youth, scholars, citizens and intellectuals, we systematically explore issues between the West, the Middle East and the Islamic World. We share our point of view and opinions with anyone who can transform these ideas into practice and manifest positive change. From there we develop an objective point of view and assert our position. We then build on that and develop bold new ideas and outlets. In all of our endeavors, CSIME board of directors, staff and fellows, and interns are responsible for maintaining the highest standards of rectitude, intellectual rigor and quality—and for sustaining CSIME’s founding commitment to systematic analysis, lucid exposition, open dialogue and continuous improvement in better understanding and cooperation between peoples of these areas.