One of the main objectives of CSIME is to provide vital services to communities domestically and abroad. These services vary in their content and purpose but each service is of utmost importance to our organization and essential to the fabric of CSIME’s mission.The following are a few of the services that are available:


Conducting a series of conferences in order to facilitate dialogue and information sharing. Such conferences are designed to foster freedom of thought, dialogue, understanding, and most importantly friendship, ensuring that the ideas planted and nourished throughout the program resonate among the participants and their communities long after it has officially ended. Religious leaders, university scholars, students, and government agencies will benefit from this activity.


The Lecture Series is an experiment in education, politics and interfaith dialogues. Occasionally, we will invite one or more scholars to discuss a topic related to the goals of the Center. The Lecture Series will be conducted at least twice a year.


The Center helps individuals who are seeking advice on religious matters, and provides speakers and lecturers for religious communities around the world.


The Center provides Arabic and Farsi classes that are open to any individual or organization. Classes are generally held two, or three times a year, depending on the number of students and available teaching manpower. Specific dates will be provided to registered applicants well in advance of the commencement of classes. For more information contact us


Exchanges are designed to foster freedom of thought, dialogue, understanding and most importantly friendship among each other. Students and scholars will be sent to the Middle East or brought to the United States for short or long term periods to do research. University scholars and students, religious leaders and cultural organizations will benefit from this activity.


The purpose of the activity is to arrange educational trips for anyone who is interested to learn about other cultures and civilizations. Any individual or organization is eligible to receive this help. The organization can serve 100-120 individuals annually. PLEASE CONTACT US. The trips will be funded through grants, donations and fees, which will vary depending on the duration, place and time of the journeys and will be based on the actual cost of each event.


The purpose of this activity is to help reduce rates of recidivism and depression through the development and delivery of educational programs.To fulfill this mission, the Center’s members will meet with local faith groups, recruit volunteers, seek the financial support of local faith communities, individuals and businesses, and inform them about current issues involving prisons and the criminal justice system in order to build awareness and understanding. Inmates and their families, groups and organizations that are working with them (50-200 individuals annually) will benefit from this activity.