Ahmad Iravani

Ahmad Iravani is the President and Executive Director of the CSIME. He is a Fellow at the Institute for Policy Research & Catholic Studies, Catholic University of America in Washington, DC. And For the past fourteen years, he has been teaching at the same University. He also served as the Director of Islamic Studies and Dialogue at the Center for the Study of Culture and Values from 2002 until the end of 2009. Since 2003, he has been teaching two courses on Islam and Iran during summer at University of California, DAVIS. In addition to his academic activities, he has diversified his role in the community by participating in several interfaith dialogues around the world. recently he particpated in The World Economic Forum (Davos) and became the member of the Global Agenda Council on the Role of Faith for 2014-2016. He completed his religious studies in Islamic Seminary (Hawzeh Elmieh) of Qom, Iran. He received his degree called Rotbe Awwale Kharej in 1992 and Ijazeh of Ijtihad from Grand Ayatollah Sannei in 1997. He also has PhD in Philosophy from the Iranian Institute of Philosophy in Tehran. He has taught courses on Islamic Law, Islamic Economic, Philosophy and logic in Tehran and Qom universities. He was the dean of the School of Philosophy of Mofid 1997-2000. He has also been a strong advocate for social justice, peace, and conviviality among peoples and places.