Sayed Hassan Akhlaq

Dr.Sayed Hassan Akhlaq was born in Afghanistan. He has been involved in comparative study and inter and intra-faith dialogue. For the past decade he has been writing scholarly books, papers and giving lectures and speeches worldwide including USA, UAE, Iran, Afghanistan, South Korea, Greece, Russia and UK. He earned a PhD’s degree in Philosophy in 2009 from Allameh Tabatabaii University in Tehran, Iran. Also, he completed his Islamic theological Studies (Hawzeh Elmieh) in Mashhad. He worked as the chancellor of Gharjistan University, branch of Farah-Afghanistan in 2011. He acted as an academic advisor of Afghanistan Academy of Sciences in 2010. He taught in Iranian universities like Al-Mustafa International University and Payam-e Noor during 2007-2010 for undergraduate and graduate courses. He is doing research and academic activities with the George Washington University, the Catholic University of America, and George Masson University in Washington DC area. In addition, he gives scholarly lectures all over the States for Muslim and Afghan and Religious Communities. He is a member of American Academy of Religion. And currently he works as an advisor for the Center for Study of Islam and the Middle East in Afghanistan Affairs.