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Events with Dr. Akhlaq

July 12, 2016

Report April 2016 – Dr. Akhlaq


Dr. Akhlaq presentation at Borah Symposium in Idaho University

Following official invitation of Borah Committee, Borah Symposium 2016 on “Waging Peace,” 4-6 April in University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho, Dr. Sayed Hassan Akhlaq presented at the Panel Discussion on Refugee Crisis alongside with Kristin Haltinner (Assistant Professor, UI), Jan Reeves (Director, Idaho Office for Refugees), and Craig Redmond (Senior Vice President of Programs, Mercy Corps). Dr. Akhlaq criticized the reproachful propaganda about Refugees Crisis and called for a return to roots of European culture in the Enlightenment. During his stay in Idaho, Dr. Akhlaq presented a talk about Islamic Philosophy at the Philosophy Department of UI. Both panel and talk were followed with QA which provided a chance for detailed discussion.

For more information about Borah Symposium look at the following link:


CSIMI at Indiana University,

Dr. Akhlaq presented his last work on Salman, the Persian, and his Position in Inter and Intra-Faith Dialogue in Earlier Islam at a Professional workshop on “Workshop on Holistic Approaches to the Study of Early Islam and the Late Antique World,” April 15-17, 2016, in Indiana University.  The purpose of workshop was to trace the intercultural and inter-faith study to the earlier time of Islam and the late antiquity. During stay at Indiana University Dr. Akhlaq also had several meetings with Professor Nazif Shahrani, the distinguished Afghani anthropologist.

For more information about the workshop, see the following link:


CSIME at the Special Seminar on “Divine Will, Creation and providence in Arab Philosophy”

Dr. Akhlaq represented CSIME at the special seminar held Marquette University on the Marquette Campus with attendance via Skype throughout the World. There were 8 Friday and Monday meetings during Winter/Spring 2016 on “Divine Will, Creation and Providence in the Greek, Arabic, and Latin Medieval Traditions.” Dr. Akhlaq attended the meeting with many comments on comparative philosophy as well as examining Islamic philosopher from an insider viewpoint.  To learn more, click the following link:


CSIME at the Event Understanding and Overcoming Poverty

Dr. Akhlaq gave a talk at the Catholic University of America on the vent: “Poverty through the Lens of Culture and Values: Case Studies of Latin America and Islam” at April 14, 2016. The presentation discussed the meaning and implications of Zakat in Islam. It was followed by AQ session and welcomed by audiences. To learn more, see the following link:


CSIME at the American Academy of Religion

Dr. Akhlaq represented CSIME at the MAR-AAR 2016 Annual Conference at Hyatt Regency, New Brunswick, NJ, March 9-11, 2016.  He presented two papers. The first at the Section “Religion, Conflict, and Peace” and Session on The Impact of Religious Belief and Practice on Peace and Violence. Dr. Akhlaq Presented “Peacemaking Is a Manifest Victory – Inside and Outside; the Quranic Chapter 48.” The second at the Section “Religion, Gender, and Sexuality” and Session on Interfaith Spirituality and Women. Dr. Akhlaq presented “Reflections on Feminist Steaks in Averroes.”  For more information, the detailed program is available at the following link:


July 12, 2016
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